I CAN’T SWIM FOREVER is an ongoing personal project that I started in 2017 to share my fears for the near future, using photography as a tool to vent my discomfort.

The last United Nations summit on Climate Change in 2018 declared we only have 11 years left to limit catastrophe. 
The project is a trip into my deepest thoughts: I analyze myself and my past, I examine the society that surrounds me. 

“I can’t swim forever” aims to be an intimate “family album” of humankind over the last three generations: my grandmother’s, the beginning of which has been defined as the start of the Great Acceleration in the Anthropocene; passing through my mother’s and then my childhood until nowadays.

Through the use of archival material, collages, documentary photos, and staged ones, I want to invite the viewer to reflect on the deepest meaning of human being and on their own future on the Earth.

Are we denying the new generation any chance to a positive future?

Does human have a chance to evolve spiritually and emotionally out of the mess it has created?

Can we transform any of this into something positive?