Gentrification is a process that affects all cities, especially the western ones and whether they are desirable destinations for migration 2.0.

In some of them it is a slow transformation, which brings benefits and disadvantages in equal measure, improvement of the transport network means increase of the daily ticket, for example.

In others it is like a lethal epidemic that spreads fast and leaves only the rich alive.

In London, the speed at which rent prices rise, together with the number of rooms and shops, it’s impressive. Houses are demolished to make way for modern and expensive buildings.

Luxury boutiques and starred restaurants make their way through the historic curry specialty restaurants of what was once called Banglatown.

It happens in Hackney, a district in the east of the English capital. It is here that Sara Nicomedi has always lived since she moved in 2010. First to Brick Lane, then to Victoria Park, and finally to Stoke Newington, further north. Turn away from the centripetal force of gentrification.

For a movement of rebellion since 2012 Sara has started to shoot, with disposable cameras, everything that reassures her, what has not changed, what resists.

Written by Paola Moretti