Extinction is a personal project that I started in 2017, it allows me to share with the viewer my fears for the near future, by using the photographic medium as a tool to vent my discomfort.

Extinction should be seen in a single gaze. I want the viewer to create a scenario of the near future by looking at images that don’t follow a specific path, that go back and forth in time including flashbacks of my grandmother’s youth, the beginning of what has been defined as the start of the Great Acceleration in the Anthropocene, until nowadays.
The last conference of the United Nations Climate Change, declared we have only 12 years to limit catastrophe.
The project is a trip into my deepest thoughts: I analyze myself, my status of being a 34 years old childless woman and simultaneously I examine the society that surrounds me.
As much as I wanted to be a mother: fantasising about my hypothetical conversations with my children, imagining my adventures with them, this project arouse by the fact that I will probably decide not to bring a child to a world that I’m not able to see lasting.
I want to voice my anger and my anxiety, release the pain, to share it with the viewer and, ultimately, to create empathy.

The aim of this project is to spread a powerful message: even if for our capitalist criteria everything looks great at the moment, the line that divides us from hardship, loneliness, starvation, and possibly Extinction is closer than what we expect.
We all need to act now, make changes in our individual lives, and to ask governments to tell us the truth.
I feel the responsibility, I’ m not defeat.
I will fight for the future of this planet and for its prospective human beings.